Breakfast is included with cottage accommodation. For campers, it can be ordered from 1,000kes. Lunch and Dinner is also available from 1000kes. If you are lucky, you will meet a day when I serve course meal using local material applying Macro-biotic concepts. 2 appetizers, main,and desert 1,200kes PP. We are proud of our simple but delicious meals made with freshly harvested locally grown vegetables. Food is cooked in Japanese/Chinese style using Chinese Wok on direct fire just like the way they did 200 years ago and will surprise you with yummy-ness.......Our food is basically prepared for cottage accommodated guests only, however with prior booking with 2,000 ksh Advance,it can be booked and served.

Contact in Kenya

+254 722 370 718

9a.m - 10p.m