What is G-SPA ?

"G-" stands for Geothermal and this is nothing but incredible ! This SAUNA is just set on top of Geothermal Fumarole/Volcano steam vent. You will experience wonderful after bath sensation with an amazing rejuvenated feelig and your skin will become smooth like silk. You will also experience various healthful benefits instantly such as stress relieve,very deep sleep and increase of circulation which can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and many more good things !

This SAUNA is Hot Spring in the form of steam and it will do many miracles to you ! Satisfaction guranteed for SAUNA lovers !

For booking, please send an e-mail to tranquilloafrica@gmail.com Note that due to SPAM activities of BOOKING button on this web page, I was forced to suspend it for a while and temporarily let you e-mail me directly.  Apology for an inconvenience.

Contact in Kenya

+254 722 370 718 tranquilloafrica@gmail.com

9a.m - 10p.m