SAUNA costs 500 ksh per person for a day visit use. Cottage No.1,"Mushroom Cabin" is for 2 people 3,500 ksh per night with breakfast, 2,000 ksh for 1 person if available. Cottage No.2 "Horizon View Cabin" is up to 4 people 7,000 Ksh, 3 people 6,000 ksh 2 people 5,000 ksh with Mountain Fresh Breakfast ! Campsite is 1,000kes per person using our uniquely set tents. If using your own tent, 500kes per person per night. SAUNA use is included with any accommodations and you can take this amazing SAUNA as many times as you want ! during your stay.

Contact in Kenya

+254 722 370 718 tranquilloafrica@gmail.com

9a.m - 10p.m