MAP / please DO NOT follow Google PIN as it is wrong and take you to different place. Please follow the below explanation for correct direction to the camp. We are sorry for the inconvinience

Arrives in 3 hours by car from Nairobi.(GPS: -0.6047880, 36.2572800)

Google Map

Access from Nairobi/Naivasha


On the Nairobi - Nakuru Hwy, after passing Naivasha, Delamare Rest Stop, you will see a sign of "MORENDAT" to your left ( which is Kenya Pipe Line"s Training Center ) you turn left. Shortly, you will cross Railway, Flower Farm, then you will climb a bit. As you climb North Lake Rd, you will see a sign of "Great Rift Valley Lodge 1 km " and you will enter there Right to begin Off- Road. You will go Off Road climbing up for 15 min then you will hit a small town called "Mogen" where you will see our sign , you tuen right - way to Gilgil, left is to Eburru Center- you will go for a bit you turn right at the junction , keep on going then you will see our EARTH Camp sign to your left. That's the entrance to our small village named "Gitumbo". Enter there and now our handmande signs should lead you all the way to the camp.  

Access from Gilgil town


From Main Street, proceed your way towards NYS, turn left just before a sign of ~Kenya Assembly of God, Jerusale m Temple~. Cross Railroad and pass Gilgil Girls High School to your right. Proceed into "GEMA" estate, Pass "FIve in One Slaughter House" to your right, then after some drive, you will meet a 2 way. Go left for Eburru, right will take you to JAICA. After some climb up, pass "Thome Primary School"to your right and soon you will see printed with Red Arrow "EARTH Camp" sign to your right and you are at same position as you are on above photo 4, at the entrance of Gitumbo Village, Follow signs and they will take you up to the Camp.

Contact in Kenya

+254 722 370 718

9a.m - 10p.m