Camp is surrounded by excellent walking trails. Stunning views of Rift Valley and peacefull country roads will definitely refresh your mind ! Our staff or I myself will take you around for different courses of Hiking trip depending on your preference, 30 min to 1/2 day ! then followed by the meditational session of SAUNA at the Camp which will definitely make your day !

Don"t miss our "GO TOTALLY GEOTHERMAL !" TOUR which takes 6 Hours to experience 6 Geothermal things. Big Fumarole, Eburru Geothermal Power Plant with its Blue Lagoon Pond, Crater, Drinking Water Harvesting using Fumarole, then finally the Geothermal SAUNA ! ! Guaranteed to be LIFE TIME MEMORY experiencing very unique African Volcano Culture ! Tour will require a car or motorcycle ridss to the destination. We will arerange this for you upon your arrival.