Camp is surrounded by excellent walking trails. Stunning views of Rift Valley and peacefull country roads shall refresh your mind. Our staff or I, myself will take you around for different courses depending on your preference, 30 min to 1/2 day ! followed by the meditational session of SAUNA at the Camp.......will definitely make your day !

Don"t miss our "GO TOTALLY GEOTHERMAL !" TOUR which takes 6 Hours to experience 6 Geothermal things. Big Fumarole, Eburru Geothermal Power Plant with its Blue Lagoon Pond, Crater, Drinking Water Harvesting using Fumarole, then finally the Geothermal SAUNA ! ! Guaranteed to be LIFE TIME MEMORY experiencing very unique African Volcano Culture ! Tour will require a car or motorcycle ridss to the destination. We will arerange this for you upon your arrival.